Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sonebhadra Area Conventions Strengthen Believers to Witness Effectively

The first two Area Conventions of Sonebhadra Zone were conducted at Ghiwahi and Dudhi. More than 475 people participated in these Conventions amidst heavy rains and were prepared to witness Christ as individuals and as families.


@ Ghiwahi

The first Area Convention was conducted from 28th to 30th July 2014 in GEMS Church at Ghiwahi. Apart from Ghiwahi, believers from the surrounding villages of Dudhi, Auradandi, Kodail, Ninga, Pathgadi, Katauli, Jorukad Fulwar, Korgi, Teda, Bagadu and Kewal actively participated; 225 elders and 50 children came to hear the word of God in the theme of ‘Witnessing Church’.


Br. Rakesh (DCC/SAC Coordinator) was invited as the main speaker who delivered the word of God in the topics viz. what is church, how to be an effective witness, the role of the Holy Spirit in making us as effective witnesses and encouraged the believers to become effective witnesses for Christ. The children of Ghiwahi church performed choreography in the convention theme.


Special sessions for children were also conducted led by the missionaries of the Children Wing. The children were taught to be witnesses through songs, skits and Scripture.


Southern Regional Director Br. Jeyasingh David quoted from the life of Aquila and Priscilla as witnessing family and presented it as a base of witnessing church and encouraged the believers to become so.


Sonebhadra Zonal Superintendent Br. Praveen Das & his wife Sis. Alma Grace also ministered the word of God in the morning devotions and in women’s sessions.


With the help of the local Pastor Br. John happiness and all the other missionaries and elders, Area Leader Br. S. Prabhakaran organised the meeting for the glory of the Lord Almighty.


Praise Points:

  • 25 year young man old Gulab Chand who was demon possessed and was bound by chains and kept in a dark room for the past 5 years, was recently delivered by Jesus Christ; he took part in this Convention with great enthusiasm.
  • Though this Convention was arranged during heavy rainy season our great God who has the power over all the Universe stopped the rain for 3 days; sharply before the meeting and the rain started to pour again immediately after the meeting was over; so there was no disturbance during the meeting. Glory to His holy name.

@ Dudhi

The second Convention was conducted from 15th to 17th August in GEMS Church at Dudhi. Though it was feared that very few will attend due to heavy rains, more than 200 believers took part and the rains had cooled the weather during the Convention.


Br. T. Emerson (Central Regional Director) was invited as the Guest Speaker and he shared the word of God and showed how God’s people should lead a witnessing life in this sinful world.


Morning Devotions were led by Br. Praveen Das and Br. Nehemiah (Office Administrator-GES,Renukut) and made the partakers understand the very meaning of witness.


Sis. Alma Grace and Sis. Priscilla (Principal-GES, Dudhi) challenged the women to become effective witnesses for Christ in the society.


Thought provoking skits were enacted by GEMS English School teachers who also helped with praise and worship. The programs by the children of this church added colour to the meeting.



6Br. John Paul (Orissa) led the sessions for the children and also conducted prayer sessions for the men along with Br. John Happiness. The Pastor of this church and Area Leader Br. Prabhakaran organized this Area Convention.

Pray for all the participants of the Area Conventions of Ghiwahi and Dudhi that they may live the word that they listened and that the church may grow and transform these places through their effective witnessing.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Youth Camps in Bihar & Jharkhand Prepare Youths to Be Useful for God

Youths Camps were conducted by GEMS Yuvac Manch (GYM) for the youths of GEMS churches from Jharkhand Zone & Parsathua Church, Bihar. On the whole 150 youths participated and were helped to overcome sins and barriers that stop from being useful to God.

Two days youth camp was conducted for the youths of Jharkhand Zone on 22nd & 23rd August 2014 at Bansari in which 80 youths participated. This camp was conducted in the theme ‘Be Useful’.

Br. Paul Abraham (Regional STORM Coordinator), Br. Loorthu Antony (Media) and Br. Saravanan (Asst. Zonal Leader, Jharkhand Zone) shared messages to the youths in various sessions.

They showed from the word of God ways to be delivered from sin and to live victorious life in Christ. They also taught them on Personal prayer and to Meditate the Bible.

All the participants committed toward holy living. Savithri Kujur, Alka Toppo, Preeti Anju, Priyanka, Eliyas and Alex committed to start prayer cells in their respective places and to share the Gospel to their fellow students.

A one day Youth camp for the teens & youths of GEMS Church at Parsathua (Bhojpuri 2 Zone) on 12th September. 70 youths participated in this camp. This meeting was organized by the Pastor of this church, Br. Umesh Paswan.

Br. Sachin (Sunday School Ministries In-charge) and Br. Yennar Singh shared the messages and encouraged the youths to live for Christ, holy and useful. They also prayed for all the youth who committed themselves in Christ.

These camps were conducted by Br. Yennar Singh (GYM Coordinator). Pray for those youths of Jharkhand Zone who committed to witness Christ that they may stand steadfast and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may spread through them. Pray also for all the youths who took part in the youth camps at Bansari and Parsathua that they may live a life pleasing to God and useful for His kingdom.