Friday, August 28, 2015

GEMS Polytechnic College Inaugurated at Aurangabad in Bihar

The Polytechnic College of GEMS at Ratanpura, Aurangabad was inaugurated on 28th July 2015. The college provides Engineering courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electrical & Electronics fields.

On this same date, a month back began the inaugural ceremony of the Polytechnic college with the opening prayer gracefully done by the Director of Missions of GEMS, Dr. Ashok Kumar which marked a beautiful start for the program.


To greet the audience from various regions, educational institutions of GEMS and the local people who had gathered, the students of GEMS English School, Sikaria performed a beautiful welcome dance. This was followed by a welcome address delivered by Mr. Daniel Johnson, the Principal of this School. All the guests and dignitaries were honoured.


The General Secretary of GEMS, Bro. D. Augustine Jebakumar showed his love and burden for the state of Bihar especially in the field of education through his introductory speech. His energetic oration conveyed clearly how God revealed His burden for Bihar and called him to minister among the people of the state.



The occasion was graced by the Guest of Honour Mr. Sandy, an Advocate & Evangelist from Coimbatore, who addressed the gathering with his highly encouraging words. He shared his life experience and exhorted the students to make the best use of the education provided.


The day would not have been complete without the special time of speech from the Chief Guest Mr. Ashwin Dev Dhairyam, the Vice President of Indian Christian Media Association and the Managing Director of Subsandesh Television Channel. His informal and friendly thought was undoubtedly provoking the young minds towards the thirst for knowledge. He shared that this college is going to be a place of sowing seeds of knowledge and spiritual health.


The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Anand Jeyasingh, the Principal of Polytechnic college. Both the academic building and the residential block was inaugurated with the blessings of the guests after Sis. Jeyavathana (Arah) prayed.


Mr. Ashish Daniel, the Director of Polytechnic College played a tireless and vital role in its establishment. Seventy students are currently enrolled at the college.  The academic side is shown the biggest priority by providing a library for the reference of our students and staff and by establishing laboratories for practical learning. Click to know the admission process – GEMS Polytechnic Admissions


Apart from this ‘Arts & Literary Guild’ will mould the talents of the young minds, the ‘History Makers’ group will make the staff and students ready for social action, the ‘Sweat & Bet Club’ will provide opportunities for the students to be sportive and the ‘Potter & Clay’ is the club which the students can approach for prayer and counselling. Prayerful and efficient staff have been appointed to teach effectively and to show care and concern to the students.

Pray for all the staff of the college to fulfill God's purpose in the lives of the students, in building them up as fruitful citizens and as God’s children. Pray for the students to commit their hearts, minds and times in learning the course and to be open to be nurtured.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Magahi Missionaries Join at Jehanabad in Prayer for Nation

GIANTGEMS Intercessory Army for National Transformation organized fasting prayer at Jehanabad for the missionaries of Magahi 1 Zone. 25 people participated and prayed for the nation.

The fasting prayer was conducted in the church at the Magahi 1 Zonal office premises in Jehanabad on 9th & 10th July 2015. The program began as Bro. Dayanand Singh (Zonal Superintendent, Magahi 1) opened it with prayer.

Bro. Antony Samy (MRO, GEMS Hospital) led the gathering in praise and worship and Bro. Franklin Benjamin (GIANT Facilitator) shared the welcome address and an introductory talk on the vision of GIANT. Bro. PC Johnson (MOVERs Facilitator) led everyone in prayer.

Through video clips the condition of the nation was screened and all the ministers of God were led in a meaningful time of prayer for the transformation of the nation through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the evening after Bro. Antony led in praise & worship Bro. PC Johnson shared a message on the lack of prayer and its consequences.

Bro. Christopher (SDO, Homes) shared the devotional thought the next day morning on the election of believers. It was followed by the morning talk by Bro. Franklin who challenged the missionaries to fulfill the responsibility God has entrusted upon each and everyone.

In the final session Bro. Johnson encouraged the missionaries to be faithful in ministry and everyone re-committed with tears. All were encouraged to initiate prayer groups in their church areas and Bro. H.S. Barnabas (Arwal) and another missionary were appointed to gather prayer requests from this zone and to monitor the prayer groups.


Pray for all the participants of this fasting prayer that they may initiate prayer in their churches in the Magahi 1 Zone and to motivate believers to pray for their areas, the church and for the nation.