Saturday, April 18, 2015

GEMS Empowers Women on Women’s Day to ‘Make it Happen’

Two day’s meeting for the women of GEMS campus at Sikaria, Bihar and one day meeting for women at Dudhi, U.P. were conducted on the occasion of International Women’s Day which benefitted nearly 470 women.


@ Sikaria

8th March being the International Women’s Day, GEMS WET (Women Empowerment Thrust) conducted meeting for all the women of Sikaria campus on 7th and 8th March 2015 to celebrate, inspire and empower them in the theme “Make It Happen”. The entire program was conducted by the women for the women and it was a great time of sharing and learning from each other. 220 women which included both married women and singles, attended this meeting.


The highlight of the program was that “Women can make it happen through the strength of God”. Sis. Kiruba Emerson welcomed the gathering by sharing the purpose for which the meeting was arranged. Sis. Gracy Hendry, Sis. Jemi James, Sis. Jaya Selva, Sis. Roseline Preeti, Sis. Soni Saravan, Sis. Malini Vincent along with the choir led the gathering into an edifying time of praise and worship in different sessions.


A meaningful mime based on the theme “Building the Kingdom of God together, crossing all the barriers” and a choreography on theme “Do Not be Silent, It’s Time to Think and Act”, portrayed by Sis. Princy Henceforth and team brought the gathering to a self-introspective state.


A Woman Can Break or Make - A video presentation depicting the potential that lies within a woman to make positive as well as negative impact in society and a video to motivate the gathering to pray for those women who are in cross roads like broken relationships, divorce was presented by Sis. Sumithra Jayaraj.


“Yes, a woman can live a victorious, God-centered, balanced family life”, this was message of assurance given to the women through a Skit enacted by our own sisters with the guidance of Sis. Lois Sampath. A choreography was also presented.


Uplifting, edifying and mind-opening messages from the Scripture were shared by Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar, Sis. Sheela Duthie and Sis. Ruby Manoharan based on the meeting’s theme. Sis. Rupalekha spoke from the life of Esther who was like a Star and Myrtle as per her name, Deborah who was a Mother of Israel. Sis. Sheela Duthie spoke on how women can make things happen by having a strong faith on God and firm heart like the Shunammite woman, by bringing up a godly generation who have a close relationship with God like Lois and by being a wise women like Abigail. Sis Ruby took the gathering to the Hall of Faith mentioned in Hebrews Chapter 11 and threw light on those women who were well-known for their faith. Sis. Chitra Krishnamoorthy, Sis. Gracy Hendry, Sis. Gracy Peter and Sis. Kiruba Jaikumar helped in translations.


A debate on the topic “Is Ministry through one’s profession, possible?” or “Is Ministry and Profession two different components”? was staged by two teams led by Sis. Deborah Charles and Sis. Anita Franklin and Sis. Helen George moderated the debate and Sis. Roseline Rani was the time keeper. This gave deeper meaning and clear perspectives for those who are involved in missionary work through education, hospital, administration and so on.


Special games were conducted by Sis. Banu & Sis. Reena Goforth along with Sis. Christy Bance. This was a time of relaxation and fun.


8th of March being a Sunday, the entire service in Sikaria Church was conducted by women. Dr. Preena Stanly shared a thought on the topic “God is good to those who wait upon Him”. Sis. Malini Vincent & Sis. Jemi James led the praise & worship. A special song “We are Women of Faith” was sung for offering by Sis. Joy Ashish, Sis. Angeline Mariyosh and Sis. Angelene Gracia. Dr. Angel Ashok shared the message based on the “We are called to do good works” taking inspirations from the life of Dorcas. Dr. Pinky and Sis. Surya helped in translations.

Sis. Amudha Victor and Sis. Betcy Sumathi shared their life testimonies and glorified the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness in their lives.

Heart to Heart talk – this was a time for open talk where the questions asked by women on various topics were addressed. Sis. Christy Bance coordinated this session; married Women and singles were put into different groups. Topics related to Parenting, Husband & Wife Relationship were discussed in one group with Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar, Sis. Sheela Duthie and Sis. Packiyarani Stephen on the panel. Topics such as handling loneliness, holiness, waiting for Mr. Right etc was discussed in the singles group with Sis. Joy Ashish, Sis. Dhara, Sis.Kiruba Emerson and Sis. Leela Stephen on the panel.


This two day meeting ended by a concluding talk by Sis. Ruplalekha Jebakumar with whose guidance this event was organized.

@ Dudhi

Women’s day was celebrated at GEMS church, Dudhi in which 250 women participated; primarily women of this church and from Katauli, Kota, Bider, Auradandi and Pathgadi.


The day being a Sunday, the service was conducted with Br. S. Prabhakaran (DAT Leader-Dudhi) leading the gathering in praise and worship. Sis. Abha Topno (M.D. of Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital, Robertsganj) shared a message in the theme ‘Virtuous Woman’ from Proverbs chapter 31 and made the women congregation to think and act.


After the service the special meeting for the women began with a talk by Sis. Johnsey Jeyasingh on the nature and characteristics of the Virtuous Woman which was well received by the congregation.


Sis. Alma Grace and Sis. Priscilla shared their thoughts based on the theme and led the participants in prayer.


GEMS English School teachers conducted the praise and worship sessions and also enacted a meaningful skit on the Ten Virgins organized by Sis. Jessi Daniel. Sis. Florence Prabhakaran made all the arrangements with much prayer and also led the gathering in prayer for various issues faced by women in the society and nation. The whole program was anchored by Sis. Sujatha Gnanaraj. Many partakers testified that they were much blessed through the program.


Pray for all the participants of the women’s programs conducted at Sikaria and Dudhi. Pray that they may in turn inspire and empower other girls and women to make things happen through the strength of Jesus Christ; that the status of women in these parts of the nation may change and develop.

Friday, April 17, 2015

GEMS Missionary Sis. Helen Paul Passed Away of Cancer

Sis. Helen Paul who served as a missionary teacher for 24 years in GEMS passed away this morning, the 17th of April 2015. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last year and was under treatment. GEMS family bereaves her death.

The funeral service was held at the GEMS Campus, Sikaria at 11:30 am today, 17th April 2015 and was attended by the management & staff of GEMS English Schools of Sikaria & Bhabua and many other missionaries. Br. Victor Immanuel (Eastern Regional Director) conducted the service which started with prayer by Sis. Rupalekha Jebakumar who thanked the Lord for her life.



Br. Victor shared from John 14:1-3 and encouraged everyone to not be troubled as we have a living hope in Jesus Christ, the hope of eternal life with Him.


Wife of Br. Victor Immanuel, Sis. Julie Victor shared about Sis. Helen as she spent some years at Koderma and testified how she was exemplary in her lifestyle and purity. Sis. Angeline Mariyosh (Headmistress-GES, Sikaria) shared how she was a prayerful woman; as soon as she joined GEMS English School, Sikaria she had started prayer at the staff room which other teachers joined. She also said that Sis. Helen mostly prayed for others than for her personal life or needs and also testified her sincerity in work and in carrying out responsibilities, so much so that she would come and offer to volunteer for any work.


Br. Rakesh Kumar (DCC/SAC Coordinator) prayed remembering her exemplary life and appropriating it to everyone present. Sis. Helen’s body was taken in a procession to the burial ground.


Br. Victor quoted 1 Thess 4:13-18 and Br. Cornelius (Zonal Superintendent, B1) prayed for the comfort of her co-workers and friends and Br. Victor committed the body of Sis. Helen to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


Sis. Helen was born near Kollam in Kerala but lost her family due to witchcraft; her deranged mother passed away, brother too was affected mentally and became a drunkard. Her sister too who was deranged & hospitalized passed away; Sis. Helen’s life was saved as she committed her life to Jesus Christ through the prayer meetings in her neighbour’s house that she frequented. Having committed her life as a missionary, she came to Bihar in June 1991 and joined GEMS. She had put her father in an old age home and supported him until his demise in 2007, which orphaned her.


She worked as a missionary teacher all her life; first at the GEMS School at Gamharia then at Koderma & Sikaria and for the most of her life at Bhabua.


Abandoned by her own people GEMS had become her family; that after her father’s demise she did not go back to South India. The Master Health Check-up conducted last year found out a problem in her lungs. So 2014 took her to South after long years to CMC, Vellore and she was diagnosed with lung sarcoma and was on palliative chemotherapy. She was administered chemotherapy at GEMS Hospital, Sikaria, but succumbing to the disease she passed away at 4:00 am on 17th April 2015. The people of GEMS campus at Sikaria cared for her everyday, by feeding, visiting and praying for her until the last moment.

7Sis. Helen remained a celibate all through her life and has went to be with her Lord & Saviour at the age of 55. Though she was orphaned and abandoned by her people, she was committed to serve the Lord whom she loved until her last breath.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” (Psalms 116:15)