Monday, December 15, 2014

GYM Trains Teens & Youths to live Transformed & Testimonial Lifestyle

Youth camps were conducted for the youths of GEMS churches at Baulia, Godari & Torpa. 285 youths participated and were prepared to lead exemplary life.


@ Baulia

Youth Camp was conducted for the youths of GEMS churches of Rohtas Zone from 11th to 13th Nov 2014 at Baulia and 155 youths participated.


Br. Rajan (Nagercoil) & Br. Robin (Delhi) shared the messages in the theme of the camp ‘Freedom & Complete Submission’ and Br. James (Children Media) helped with the translations. Br. Rajan spoke on how sin enslaves a person and its consequences and showed the way to freedom through Jesus Christ. Adding to that Br. Robin shared on the need to surrender every parts of the body for righteousness.


Br. Gilbert (Zonal Superintendent, Rohtas Zone) shared during the Devotion & Closing sessions on ‘What is you Aim?’ and inspired the youths. Through all the sessions the teens committed for change.


Br. Sam (Manu, Rohtas) led the participants in songs & worship. Action songs were also taught and the girls glorified God through tribal songs & dance.


Sis. Arul & Sis. Angel conducted Quiz programs and prizes were given by Br. Gilbert to those who answered correctly.


@ Godari

One day youth meeting was conducted at GEMS Church in Godari (Bhojpuri 2 Zone) on 22nd Nov 2014 in which 60 youths participated.

Br. Jai Kumar (Sponsor Relations Dept.) shared on the consequences of sin and how Jesus delivers. He also spoke about living a victorious and testimonial life which encouraged and gave hope to the youths.

@ Torpa

In the youth meeting that was conducted at GEMS Church, Torpa (Vananchal Zone) on 29th Nov 2014, 70 youths participated.

The pastor of this church Br. Sulaiman led the participants in worship and Br. Antony Samy (GEMS Hospital) helped with music.

Br. Antony Samy & Br. Yenar Singh (GYM Coordinator) shared messages on Putting on the Whole Armour of God, Identifying & Overcoming the Spiritual Enemy and on Christ’s love & Commitment.

More than 50 youths committed their life to be transformed. Br. Yenar Singh organized and conducted all these youth meetings with the support of the local missionaries and the Zonal Superintendents.

Pray for all the youths who participated in the youth meetings at Baulia, Godari and Torpa. Pray that they may continue to live a testimonial life and influence other youths toward a transformed lifestyle through Jesus.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

GEMS B3 Zone Invites for the Bakthiarpur Church Inauguration

B3 Bakthiarpur GEMS Church Dedication_DecThe GEMS House of Prayer at Bakthiarpur of Bhojpuri 3 Zone has been built by the grace of God and support of God’s people. The inauguration ceremony is to be held on 15th Dec 2014 at 9 AM.

B3 Bakthiarpur GEMS Church Dedication

The Regional Director of Northern Region, the Zonal Superintendent of Bhojpuri 3 Zone, Area Leaders, Missionaries and Believers invite you to grace this occasion with your prayers and presence.