Thursday, January 29, 2015

Children Receive Christ & Strengthen thru Christmas & Camp

The Children wing of GEMS shared the message of Christmas to the children in North Bihar through which more than 2000 children received the Gospel. Through Old Students camp at Banjari 170 children were led to live a pleasing and holy life.


Christmas for Children

Christmas programs were conducted in Muzaffarpur, Raxaul, Valmikinagar, Gopalganj & Darbhanga during December 2014 by Br. Shaiju, GEMS children worker and his wife who are based at Muzaffarpur.


More than two thousand children heard the Christmas message through these programs there were conducted in various private and government schools in these places.


Many children committed their life to Jesus.


Old Students Camp

170 students participated in this camp that was organized for the DCC students by the School Ministries department of the Children Wing on 10th & 11th Dec 2014.

Br. Rakesh Kumar (DCC/SAC Coordinator) as the guest speaker shared the messages in the theme ‘Light of Life’. The participants also performed special programs.

Br. Joseph (CD Coordinator) and his wife Sis. Rajam also shared messages in the Group sessions along with Br. Joseph Pal, Br. Sanjay Kharwar, Br. Ankur Kumar, Br. Sachin and Br. Raju who also led in singing and worship. 110 students committed their life towards living a holy life.

Pray for all the children who heard the Gospel through the Christmas programs in North Bihar. Pray also for the follow up. Pray for the students who were strengthened through the camp at Banjari to continue to live steadfast in Christ.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bhojpuri 3 Zone Church Built & Inaugurated at Bakthiarpur

GEMS church of Bhojpuri 3 Zone was built at Bakthiarpur and inaugurated on 15th Dec 2014. More than 150 people participated in the dedication service.

Dr. Ashok Kumar (Director of Missions) began the dedication service with prayer. Prof. T. Karunaharan (Educational Ministries Coordinator) cut the ribbon and inaugurated the church building.

Br. Benjamin Norton (Zonal Superintendent, B3) shared a report on the history and mission of the Bakthiarpur field. The congregation was led in praise and worship by Br. Neeraj (Area Leader) and Br. Jyoti Prakash Wilson (Area Leader) led the offering song.

Prof. Karunaharan and his wife took part in the dedication service and he delivered the message to the congregation on the purpose of a church. Dr. Ashok encouraged the church from Psalms.

He prayed for the congregation and for the missionary family that serve here, Br. Rameshwar Prasad and his wife and closed the service with benediction. 

Bakthiarpur means ‘Abode of the godly or devoted’. As Psalm 4:3 says, “the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly” pray that the people of Bakthiarpur may come to know this true living God. Pray for this church at Bakthiarpur and the missionary family that the Gospel may spread to all the villages & towns in and around this place; that people may become disciples of Jesus and contribute to the transformation of their society.