Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GEMS Church Built & Inaugurated at Valmiki Nagar

GEMS Church at Valmiki Nagar of PEACE 3 Zone was built and dedicated for the glory of God on 22nd July 2014.

Bro. M.J. Mathews (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 3 Zone) began the dedication service with prayer and praise & worship. Prayerfully, Bro. K. Gunasekaran (Northern Regional Director) inaugurated the church building by cutting the ribbon and the congregation stepped into the church singing "सारे सृष्टि के मालिक तुम्हीं हो” (You are the Master of all creation) and giving glory to God.

Sis. Susie Gunasekaran prayed for the dedication program. The missionary Pastor of this church Bro. Jagat Narayan joined with Bro. Lorentus Tigga (who previously served in this field for 10 years & presently serving in Ramnagar field) and Bro. Neeral Bangra (Area Leader, Nautan) in leading the congregation in worship.

Bro. Mathews shared the testimony about his ministerial experience in Valmiki Nagar, which encouraged all the believers and missionaries. He pioneered this field since 1995 and the ministry began here by distributing tracts and personal evangelism. Fasting prayers coupled with burden for the people resulted in producing fruitful believers & a beautiful church through the ministry of 20 years.

Bro. Gunasekaran shared the word of God on “We are the Temple of God” from 1 Cor 3:16 and enlightened & enlarged the faith of the believers.

Missionaries of PEACE 3 Zone and Bro. Palanivelu (DAT Leader, Bagaha ) and a few from other organizations took part in this dedication service. The dedication service winded up with thanksgiving by Bro. Jagat Narayan and lunch.

InfoValmiki Nagar is in the West Champaran District of Bihar situated in the north western corner of the State. It is a forest area covering nearly 880 Sq. Kms. It has its borders to the north with Nepal and Uttar Pradesh bounds it from the west. The epic poem Valmiki Ramayana written in Sanskrit, traditionally attributed to Valmiki is believed to have been written here.

The Valmiki landscape harbours vivid socio-cultural diversity. Tharu, a scheduled tribe, is the dominant community in the landscape with a population of 2.5 lakh. The Tharus here speak Bhojpuri and maintain socio-cultural relationship with the Tharus of Nepal. The scheduled tribes other than Tharu in the Valmiki landscape are collectively called Dhangar, which means “retained labourer” in Oraon dialect, with a population of 0.5 lakh. Communities other than the tribes are called ‘Bajiyan’.

PrayPray for this church at Valmiki Nagar that it may testify to make the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (2 Cor 4:4) shine on all people. Pray for the missionary family as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Five Area Conventions of Bhojpuri 2 Zone Prepare Believers to Fervently Witness

Area Conventions for the believers of GEMS churches of Bhojpuri 2 Zone were conducted at Nokha, Hassan Bazaar, Dinara, Parsathuan and Bhagatganj of Bihar. 1210 people participated on the whole and were prepared to be the Witnessing Church.


@ Nokha

The first area convention was conducted at Nokha in which 225 believers attended.

Bro. Mariadas (Western Regional Director), Bro. T. Emerson (Central Regional Director), Bro. R.P. Timothy (Zonal Superintendent, PEACE 2 Zone), Bro. Suresh (Hospital Administrator), Dr. Malleshwari (GEMS Hospital) & Sis. Ruby Manoharan (Vice Principal, GES, Sikaria) shared the Word of God in the theme ‘Witnessing Church’.

The convention was arranged at the DCC School at Nokha. Believers came from Nokha, Karaghar & Shivsagar fields. Skits were also performed on the theme by the missionaries to reinforce the message.

Many believers were spiritually renewed and committed their lives to witness for Christ.

@ Hassan Bazaar

The area convention at Hassan Bazaar was conducted from 9th to 11th April in which 210 believers attended and were blessed.

Bro. Austin & Bro. Stephen shared messages on the Convention theme in a very systematic way.

There was heavy rain and it just stopped before the convention making the climate very pleasant during the hot summer days. After the convention got over there was a storm for one hour, but the Lord protected everyone.

Believers from Godari, Nasriganj & Hassan Bazaar fields participated in the convention and took decision to share the Gospel.

@ Dinara

210 believers attended the area convention at Dinara which was conducted from 6th to 8th May in the new church building. Believers from Dinara & Surajpura fields participated in this convention.

Bro. Cornelius (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 1 Zone) & Bro. Anandan (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 2 Zone) shared the word of God and encouraged the believers to witness for Christ.

Special Question & Answer session was conducted in which the believers asked their doubts and got them clarified. Special meetings for children was also arranged.

@ Parsathuan

In the area convention conducted at Parsathuan from 13th to 15th June, 215 believers participated.

Bro. T. Emerson (Central Regional Director), Bro. Anandan (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 2 Zone) & Sis. Selvi Anandan shared the messages in the convention theme.

The believers from many villages participated and were motivated to testify Christ.

@ Bhagatganj

The fifth area convention was conducted at Bhagatganj from 4th to 6th July in which 350 believers took part. Though it rained on all the three days the believers enthusiastically attended on all the days. The convention was arranged in the progressing ITI building.

Bro. David Singh (Zonal Superintendent, Magahi 2 Zone), Bro. Anandan (Zonal Superintendent, Bhojpuri 2 Zone) & Bro. R.B. Williams (Area Leader, Bhojpuri 2 Zone) shared the word of God. Many received the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be witness for Christ.

All the missionaries of Bhojpuri 2 Zone helped in the arrangements of the Area Conventions under the leadership of the Zonal Superintendent. Praise be to God who enabled the conducting of all these area conventions.

Pray for all the people who took part in the Area Conventions at Nokha, Hassan Bazaar, Dinara, Parsathuan and Bhagatganj that they may stand firm in the decisions that they took, may grow in their faith and witness Christ everywhere through their walk and talk.