Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vananchal Zone Area Conventions Add Vigour to the Witnessing Life of Believers

Area Conventions of Vananchal Zone were conducted at Bakaspur, Barkagaon, Charhi, Juriya, Patamda, Pochra, Tata and Torpa. 1638 people attended the meetings in these places and were prepared to be the Witnessing Church.

Tata (Jamshedpur)

The Area Convention at Jamshedpur was conducted from 31st Oct to 2nd Nov 2014 and was attended by 150 people. Br. Jeniffer Rajamohan organized this convention.

Br. P.C. Johnson (MOVERs Facilitator) shared the messages on the methods of being a witnessing church, witnessing lifestyle, rewards of witnessing, etc. Br. Sunder George led in devotions and few other sessions. People committed to the word to be transformed.

Members led in praise and worship and the youths of the Tata church presented meaningful skits on the theme of the Convention.



The Area Convention at Pochra was conducted from 24th to 26th Oct 2014 amidst much oppositions. 195 people attended this convention and had come from Pochra, Ghutwa, Jemra, Parsotiya, Barkakhana, Koiritola, Bhurgunda, Ranchi, Gola, Sidhwarkala, Kadru, Muramkala, Vikashnagar, Ranchi Rd, Chotgagana, Ratwai and Hehel. The church believers also helped in praise and worship.

Br. Prabhakaran (Area Leader, Duddhi) and Br. Sunder George (Zonal Superintendent, Vananchal Zone) shared the messages on the theme of the Convention.

Many committed to be witnesses in their individual, social and spiritual portions of their life.

On the final day meeting more than 30 people received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many were also renewed in their spiritual life. Area Leader Br. Charles Devakumar organized this Convention.


From 17th to 19th Oct 2014 Area Convention was conducted at Charhi in which 230 people took part. Br. Soyamber Bhagat organized this Area Convention.

The sisters of Charhi church led the congregation in praise and worship in Sadri and Hindi.

Br. Mariyosh (Communications Coordinator) as the guest speaker brought the word of God on all the days and shared messages on being a living testimony for Christ through one’s lifestyle and by sharing the Gospel. He encouraged the people to testify even amidst oppositions and put the burden for people in them. Br. Sunder George took morning devotions and led the people in the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the final session.

Many were revived from their lukewarm life and have started coming to the church regularly. Anil Lakda, Pramila Devi, Pinki Devi, Bharti Devi and those who backslid in Hindgada have begun going to church. A few people from CNI and GEL churches had also come and received a thirst for the word and were revived spiritually.


Area Convention of Lohardaga was conducted at Juriya from 10th to 12th Oct 2014 which was attended by 276 people. Traditional welcoming was done to welcome the guests.

Br. Rakesh Kumar (DCC/SAC Coordinator) brought the messages as the guest speaker on the witnessing church theme. Br. Saravanan (Asst. Zonal Leader, Jharkhand Zone) who organized this convention also shared the word of God.

During the evening meetings choreography, skits, special song and other cultural programs were staged.

People were also led to pray for the world; especially for the crisis in Iraq & Syria. Seeing the videos people were burdened and they prayed with tears.

In the final session many were filled with the Holy Spirit and the meeting came to a close with Communion Service.


The Torpa Area Convention was conducted from 26th to 28th Sep 2014 at Surkhi. 120 believers had come from Khunti and Gumla Districts from the villages of Loyang, Uktimandi, Karkanji, Barkulli, Soso, Ichha, Amabagna, Kherkotoli, Bagaspur, Surkhi, Kasamba and Bagaspurtadi.

The meetings began with the traditional welcoming. Bro. Sulaiman organized this convention.

Br. Paul Bance (Training Coordinator) & Br. Sunder George through their preaching motivated the people to be true witnesses of Jesus.

The youths of Torpa sang songs in Sadri & Mundari and glorified God’s name. More than 25 people received the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the final day.


The Patamda Area Convention was conducted from 18th to 20th April 2014 in which 237 people attended. Believers had come from Patamda, Jolsa, Lachchipur, Amda Pahadi, Aappo, Man Bazaar, Banduvan, Sisda & Bolam.

Br. Rakesh was invited as the Guest Speaker who shared messages on the theme of the Convention. Br. Sunder George also brought God’s word. They shared on how to lead a witnessing life, the barriers in being a witness, the lifestyle of a witnessing person & church and victorious life.

Separate sessions were held for children. The children learnt new truths from the Bible through the convention. Every evening after dinner Gospel films were screened for the people.

Br. Jeniffer Rajamohan organized this Convention. Sakep Ram who had backslidden into drinking, repented and received complete deliverance. Vimala was convicted by the Holy Spirit of her sinful life, repented and accepted Jesus Christ. Hilamani committed her life to fulfil God’s will through her life, as she learnt about the leading of the Holy Spirit.


This area convention was conducted from 11th to 13th April 2014. Though election was on 17th due to which public transport was hampered and it was season for soughing nearly 200 believers had come enthusiastically.

Br. Saravanan & Br. Sunder George brought the word of God to the people and people committed to the messages.

Br. Soyamber organized this convention and the church believers helped in praise and worship.

It was very difficult to arrange for the place of accommodation and even water but by God’s grace everything was arranged and the convention was held well.


Area Convention at Bakaspur was conducted from 11th to 13th March 2014 in which 230 people attended. Believers came from Kamtara, Lapanga, Salekutu, Pikma, Pamandi, Tapkara, Saritha, Torpa, Lilikoda, Laba, Kardi, Karai, Loyang, Penrapani, Pashiya, Kemthatoli, Ukdimadi & Kanakloya.

The missionaries and church people led in praise and worship with the use of traditional instruments.

On the second day of the meeting due to heavy wind and rain the tent fell off, so that meeting had to be shifted to a big house. Br. Saravanan and Br. Sunder George shared the messages.

Heeding to the word of God many committed their life for transformation. Prabhudan Horo, Govind Singh, Suman Devi, Sokni Kumari, Nanki Kumari & Sandhu Singh took baptism.

Baptism Collage

Pray for all the people who attended the Vananchal Zone area conventions that they may live a witnessing life. Pray for all who made decisions and committed themselves that they may be reminded of their decisions and may live pleasing to the Lord. Pray for a great revival to follow these conventions in these places.