Monday, July 27, 2015

Believer Prays and Dead Child Comes Back to Life

The daughter of a DAT (District Advancement Team) Bagaha church believer gave birth to a child that was born dead. As she prayed the Lord Jesus gave life to the child and it has become a testimony to the whole village.


Miracle @ Bagaha

On 20th June 2015 Barsathi Devi’s daughter gave birth to a child at the Government hospital at Bagaha, Bihar. The child was declared dead and the midwives did not allow them to take the child away as it was late at night. When the heartbroken parents were crying, the only believer of this house Barsathi Devi began praying. In a few hours, to the surprise of all, the child came back to life.


Barsathi and her family belong to the Chakini village of Bagaha. Bro. Palanivelu (DAT Leader, Bagaha) said that she came along with the child to the church and testified of the miracle. The people of the village are coming one after the other to see the child and Barsathi testifies the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Some of the villagers are attending the church now.

Persecuted, not Forsaken

Shardha Devi hails from Badgaon village and is the sole believer of her house. A few weeks back both her sons aged 30 and 35 passed away due to sicknesses.


Blaming Shardha that it is because that she left her faith that her sons died, threw her out of the house. The Bagaha church is caring for her now and one of the believers has accommodated her. Pray for her family members to come to Christ.

Accident of DAT Worker

Bro. Navami Narayan, a DAT-AGNI worker of Sonebhadra Zone (Dudhi) was returning back home with his wife and son in his bicycle after conducting Sunday service at Basudha village on 5th July.


As he was cycling the wheel rim broke all of a sudden and he fell down and injured his mouth and nose. Immediately Bro. Prabhakaran (DAT Leader, Dudhi) and Bro. Nehemiah and others took him to the Jeewan Jyoti Hospital in Robertsganj, which is 40 kms away from his village Kota. The Dentist and General Physician treated him, giving him stitches and he is recovering. Pray for his recovery to good health and for the safety of all the missionaries.